Jack McGuire


End of the Trail

Notices in this section are limited to names of those who have achieved pioneer status through many years in the North, or who are otherwise of unquestioned importance in the daily scene.


Jack McGuire, 73, long-time resident of the Kuskpkwlm country, with McQrath his main base in later years, died of cancer at Bethel this past winter. McGuire was famed for his iron constitution in the hills, making frequent long trapping or prospecting ventures with not much more than rifle and salt in the traditional sourdough fashion. He was also a dedicated devotee of the old time poker table where saloons, favorite dogs, marten hats, cabins and wood piles frequently ended up in the table stakes play. One of the last of a dying breed, Jack left no locks on his doors, let his cutomers in his bar help themselves, pay the kitty and make their own change. He always had a friendly hand for any man.

Source: Alaska Sportsman, May 1971

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