Erwin M. Goddard

Obit:Wednesday, March 31, 1965

End of the Trail

Notices in this section are limited to names of those who have achieved pioneer status through many years in the North, or who are otherwise of unquestioned importance in the daily scene.

Erwin M. "Win" Goddard, a former mayor of Sitka and longtime resident of Alaska, died in a hospital at Los Angeles on March 31 following a long illness. Born in Tacoma, Mr. Goddard came to Alaska in 1902 with his family. His father was Dr. F. L. Goddard who founded the health resort at Sitka Hot Springs, where the post office of Goddard was later established. Mr. Goddard served in the Navy during World War I and was with the old Alaska Game Commission from 1922 until 1838. From 1937 until 1941 he was at Ketchikan with the Talbot Dock Company and Alaska Transportation Company, then went to Sitka as agent for the Northland Transportation Company. During that time he served as mayor of Sitka. In 1949 Mr. and Mrs. Goddard moved to Santa Barbara, Calif., where they have since made their home.

Source: Alaska Sportsman, July 1965

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